Hi guys!

I am 18, and I currently reside in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, but I am originally from Gujarat. I love singing, dancing, playing badminton, and the guitar, although I’m pretty sure I suck at it 🙂 I absolutely love writing, and reading. The stuff I like reading includes novels of various genres, poetry and blog posts.

I first started writing when I was 12, and I had never imagined I’d want to write professionally, before one of my school teachers told my dad that I was doing a pretty damn good job at writing. After going for a lot of debate, declamation, and elocution competitions I gained confidence in the english language, since it isn’t my first language.

When I was 16, an Instagram featured writer inspired me to write, and he said if that’s what I love doing, there was no use putting it off. That was when I began writing publicly, although I wrote anonymously because I was too insecure, and felt as if what I wrote was pretty personal.

Eventually with encouragement from my parents, friends and others, I revealed myself and now here I am, with a proper blog of my own!

Did I mention I LOVE tea? I can’t get through a day being my own productive self if not for my regular cup of tea in the morning, since I happen to NOT be a morning person.

If anyone of you out there is really passionate about writing, I suggest, and urge you to do so because there’s no time to wait and waste doing anything that doesn’t excite you as much. And in fact this applies to everything that you may find yourself being extremely dedicated about!

Cheers, x

–  cropped-crazy-graffiti-alphabet-a12.jpgwani