persistence of vision


they say that the image of what we see stays in our minds for about one-sixteenth fraction of a second. it’s called persistence of vision. this is science. so i would be a fool not to believe this.

but today, i met this flower, this really beautiful flower and i don’t know what it is called, but the image of you holding it between your index and middle finger, with that big beautiful smile on your lips, came rushing to me as soon as i saw this flower.

i saw her in the woods, among others just like her. she was there, in the greens, adorned with the rain that had fallen not so long ago. she was beautiful, but she looked more so in the image that was in my mind. the image of you twirling it between your fingers, the image of you with her resting on the top of your ear, the contrast of this bright colored flower against your dark hair. you wore her graciously, and how silly i looked, staring at you, envying the flower that made you look prettier, and i remember thinking if that was even possible.

i see this flower in my hand again, and i see you too, even though you are just a figment of my imagination now. i couldn’t capture the image of you with the flower in my camera then, but capture you – i did. so remarkably, it surprises me. and hurts me. reminds me how i still remember the scar on your eyebrow with infinite detail.

persistence of vision.

persistent vision.

so i wonder; has it really been only one-sixteenth of a second since that day?

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