We are only a moment

Photo by unknown source, I do not own it

Studies conducted by cosmic researchers reveal that if we consider the entire life of our earth in twenty four hours, there’s most probably just three seconds left before it all ends. All of us, we happen to be a part of these three seconds and yet, instead of making it worthwhile we are all excelling at wasting it away. Think about it. What have you done that’s worth your presence on this planet? Maybe you’re just another waste of space, or maybe you’re just another so called human walking, inhaling and exhaling. That’s it, isn’t it?

If you’re sixteen, in the blink of an eye you’re going to be sixty. You’re only a moment in these three seconds.

Yet there are some of us who choose to kill our time by doing trivial things. We don’t want to be humans, we want to be a speck of dust. We want to kill our time doing routine things, instead of rooting for what we love doing. We want to spend our time being machines when we can do that thing we love the most. We want to be controlled by the circumstances when we can take hold of what happens to us, and do what we do best. We want to make excuses when there’s no time for living. We are breathing, and we are making nothing out of it. Why?

Because we’re overcome with the ‘what the hell’ attitude, and because we’re lazy. Because we’re selfish, but not in the right ways. We’re busy crying over lost love, over dead people, over less money, over bad chief ministers, over anti-romeo squads, over approaching deadlines, over less marks, over gone time, over the past, over the future, and over the present. We’re a moment, yeah but we’re all lost moments. We’re gone, our souls have ceased to breathe the air of freedom long before our bodies will give up. Our minds have turned into ashes before our bodies will. We have embraced our fears, we have made friends with depression, anxiety, stress and we have all walked right into the arms of the dead, of the things that do not matter. We’ve become habituated of accepting life as it comes, instead of actually making it.

We’re more dead than alive.

It does not matter how old we are to be doing what we love doing the most. Sixteen or sixty, you’re only a moment and it’s up to you to be making it worthwhile, or being wasted away.



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